David Bates

Influenced by folk and wild life art, David Bates presents an exhibition of recent drawings and a major bronze sculpture, titled “Black Magnolia,” at Arthur Roger Gallery. Read More

Robert Colescott - A La Recherche Du Temps

Robert Colescott

Cartoonishly emphatic Robert Colescott's Expressionist figurative drawings nevertheless develop networks of internal balance and harmony. Read More

Gene Koss

The Arthur Roger Gallery is presenting an exhibition of glass vessels crafted by Gene Koss. Read More

Elemore Morgan, Jr.

Working primarily with acrylics on masonite panels and mixed media on paper, Elemore Morgan, Jr. has become known for his luminous, gestural paintings which reflect the dramatic skies and vast spaces of the prairies and marshes of south Louisiana. Read More

Debbie Fleming Caffery

An exhibition of recent photographs taken in Mexico and in the Southwest by Debbie Fleming Caffery will be presented at the Arthur Roger Gallery. Read More

Jim Richard - Room with Deer

Jim Richard

Jim Richard’s interiors provide a melancholy yet trenchant social parody through the imposition of startlingly modernist sculpture into beautiful yet disturbing settings. Read More

Robert Taplin

“The Five Outer Planets” is an exhibition at Arthur Roger Gallery by renowned sculptor Robert Taplin. The solar system’s outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are envisioned as a troupe of men. Read More

David Ivie

David Ivie's exhibition of new watercolor paintings have the overall appearance of harmony that comes with the viewers first glance, but upon investigation, prove to portray a sardonic interpretation of the human psyche. Read More

Stephen Paul Day

The Arthur Roger Gallery is presenting “Burning the Red Sea,” Stephen Paul Day’s opera inspired installation fusing sculpture, video, sound and light. Read More

George Nakajima

George Nakajima's inaugural exhibition of oil paintings at Arthur Roger Gallery showcase how he remarkably executes the human figure in his work. Read More