Various Artists

The 2008 exhibition of "Katrina: Catastrophe and Catharsis" features additional storm-related works by artists that were not included in the original 2006 exhibition and also many artists not affiliated with the Arthur Roger Gallery. Read More

Various Artists

The Arthur Roger Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of work by Jessica Bizer, John Fields, Rachel Jones and Alex Podesta. Read More

Jesús Moroles - Dakota Columns

Jesús Moroles

Working exclusively with granite, a stone of great density, hardness and weight, Jesús Moroles combines cutting and polishing techniques with the natural presence of the stone to create works of universal stature. Read More

John Scott

Arthur Roger Gallery Project at 730 Tchoupitoulas presents a range of works by John Scott. Read More

Srdjan Loncar - Mother

Srdjan Loncar

Srdjan Loncar creates a witty yet sophisticated combination of sculpture and photography. His work is concerned with the reproduction of known actual objects that are natural and organic, political, historical, domestic and mundane. Read More

John Geldersma - Spirit Poles

John Geldersma

John Geldersma works primarily in wood and has produced a wide array of pieces in archetypal forms. Read More

Pard Morrison - Where I End and You Begin

Pard Morrison

Pard Morrison’s "Pick Up," blends rectilinear forms and decorative grids in bold color-field works that blur the distinction between painting and sculpture. Read More

John Scott - Third World Banquet Table

John Scott

Celebrated artist John T. Scott was recently recognized in a comprehensive exhibition organized by the New Orleans Museum of Art, which traced the technical, aesthetic and political evolution of his work over the past forty years. Selections from this recent exhibition will be on view at the Arthur Roger Gallery Project, 730 Tchoupitoulas Street. Read More

Anderson & Low - Aaron Jackson, Gymnast, USA

Anderson & Low

Anderson & Low’s "Athlete/Warrior" series presents powerful photographs of young men and women who are training for both the sports field and the battlefield while studying at America’s three famed armed forces academies. Read More

Francis X. Pavy - Los Guitaros

Francis X. Pavy

Francis Pavy's exhibition will include both large and small paintings on canvas, painted wood constructions and an installation which is part of the artist's ongoing series of migratory birds. Read More