John Dugdale

The Arthur Roger Gallery is presenting an exhibition of recent photographs of John Dugdale, one of the leading photographers of the 20th century. Read More

George Dureau

The most recent paintings in George Dureau's exhibition at Arthur Roger Gallery are distinguished by the artist’s singular ability to render the beauty of the human figure in compositions inspired by allegorical scenes from great paintings and sculpture in western art. Read More

W. Steve Rucker

The Arthur Roger Gallery is presenting "Recall: A Drawing Installation" of 100 individual drawings by Steve Rucker, provocatively commemorating the last 100 years of history. Read More

Mitchell Gaudet

"Curio" is an exhibition of recent work by the glass artist Mitchell Gaudet featuring a collection of found objects and old bottles, circa 1850-1950, that were dug in New Orleans. Read More

Edward Whiteman

The Arthur Roger Gallery is presenting a major exhibition of paintings, sculptures and sculptural reliefs by Edward Whiteman. Read More

Various Artists

The Texas Artists from the Whitney Biennial features the following artists: Al Souza, Brian Fridge, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, James Drake, Joseph Havel, Nic Nicosia, Trenton Doyle Hancock and Vernon Fisher. Read More

Jesús Moroles

Jesùs Moroles works on both a monumental and small scale in achieving a poetic resonance of material, form and motif. Read More