Simon Gunning - Springtime at the Saline

Simon Gunning

“Avery Island” is an exhibition of oil paintings and drawings rendered in ink and pastel by Simon Gunning that capture the sensation of being in this region of southwest Louisiana at dawn in spring. Read More

John Alexander - Bottomland

John Alexander

This exhibition of recent work includes several large scale paintings that capture a wealth of small details in nature and also mysteriously beautiful oil paintings on paper of meticulously realized flora and fauna. Read More

Troy Dugas - Shabby Sheik

Troy Dugas

By cutting and arranging printed materials such as vintage product labels on flat surfaces, Troy Dugas alters the original meaning of these printed images to create intricate radical structures. Read More

Nicole Charbonnet - Zebra

Nicole Charbonnet

In “Dots, Loops, Stripes and Finches” Charbonnet incorporates images and textures associated with the past, continuing her interpretation of memories and encouraging the audience to build their own connections and associations to the imagery found in the paintings. Read More

Jim Richard - Centered III

Jim Richard

With this exhibition, Jim Richard continues his remarkable series of oil paintings that depict high style domestic interiors. In his renowned interior paintings, Richard’s mordant wit imbues unpeopled period rooms with social ironies. Read More

Srdjan Loncar - $48,000,000

Srdjan Loncar

In this exhibition, Srdjan Loncar aims to communicate the dangers of consumerism for both the wealthy and the middle class. Read More

Dale Chihuly - Red Flame Icicle Tower

Dale Chihuly

“Black Work” is the most wide ranging exhibition of Dale Chihuly's remarkable creations ever presented by the Arthur Roger Gallery. The work in the exhibition again reveals Dale Chihuly's singular accomplishment of a feast of bold color, dramatic forms and extraordinary composition in glass. Read More

Various Artists

The 30th Anniversary Exhibition features the following artists: Al Souza, Alec Soth, Allison Stewart, Anderson & Low, Clyde Connell, Dale Chihuly, David Bates, David Halliday, Dawn DeDeaux, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Deborah, Kass, Douglas Bourgeois, Edward Whiteman, Elemore Morgan, Jr., Ersy, Gene Koss, George Dureau, Gorst Duplessis, Greg Gorman, Ida Kohlmeyer, Jacqueline Bishop, James Drake, James Surls, Jesus Moroles, Jim Richard, Joel Peter Witkin, John Geldersma, John Scott, John Waters, Lesley Dill, Lin Emery, Linda Ridgway, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Mark Flood, Mary Jane Parker, Matthew Sontheimer, Michael Willmon, Mitchell Gaudet, Nathan Ritterpusch, Nic Nicosia, Nicole Charbonnet, Pard Morrison, Patricia Cronin, Paul Lucas, Radcliffe Bailey, Renee Staul, Richard Jolley, Robert Colescott, Robert Gordy, Robert Polidori, Simon Gunning, Srdjan Loncar, Stephen Paul Day, Stephen Sollins, Ted Kincaid, W. Steve Rucker, Whitfield Lovell, Willie Birch, Francis X. Pavy, John Alexander and Trenton Doyle Hancock. Read More