James Surls - Me, Tree, Black Flower and Knot

James Surls

Based on natural forms, James Surls creates sophisticated imagery of diamonds, vortexes, needles and flowers, using wood, steel and bronze. Read More

Whitfield Lovell - Cada Dia

Whitfield Lovell

In this exhibition, we see an ongoing exploration of the African American experience through an installation of Whitfield Lovell’s charcoal on wood assemblages created over the past decade. Read More

Luis Cruz Azaceta - Swimming to Havana II

Luis Cruz Azaceta

"Exile 50" presents aspects of contemporary exile, particularly isolation and encapsulation. Azaceta executes this body of work in his signature dichotomy of brightly colored abstraction and figuration. Read More

Robert Polidori - Salle de Bain, Marie-Antoinette, R.D.C. Cord Central

Robert Polidori

In Robert Polidori’s “Parcours Muséologique Revisité”, he continues the idea of presenting the interior of a room as a means of insight into the soul of those who inhabited them. Read More

Leonardo Da Vinci with Glue Sniffer

James Drake

A key component in several of James Drake's complex drawings is the creation of the image through the taping and pasting of fragments. Read More

Allison Stewart - Parts Per Million #2

Allison Stewart

In Allison Stewart’s new series of mixed media paintings and works on paper, “Inside Passage,” the artist continues to use landscape as inspiration to meditate upon the interaction between man and nature and the dubious results of our actions upon the earth. Read More

Alec Soth - Baton Rouge

Alec Soth

Soth’s series “Sleeping by the Mississippi” is evolved during a period of five years in which he made several road trips from his home in Minnesota down the Mississippi River. Read More

Simon Gunning - Springtime at the Saline

Simon Gunning

“Avery Island” is an exhibition of oil paintings and drawings rendered in ink and pastel by Simon Gunning that capture the sensation of being in this region of southwest Louisiana at dawn in spring. Read More

John Alexander - Bottomland

John Alexander

This exhibition of recent work includes several large scale paintings that capture a wealth of small details in nature and also mysteriously beautiful oil paintings on paper of meticulously realized flora and fauna. Read More

Troy Dugas - Shabby Sheik

Troy Dugas

By cutting and arranging printed materials such as vintage product labels on flat surfaces, Troy Dugas alters the original meaning of these printed images to create intricate radical structures. Read More