Dale Chihuly - Red Flame Icicle Tower

Dale Chihuly

“Black Work” is the most wide ranging exhibition of Dale Chihuly's remarkable creations ever presented by the Arthur Roger Gallery. The work in the exhibition again reveals Dale Chihuly's singular accomplishment of a feast of bold color, dramatic forms and extraordinary composition in glass. Read More

Various Artists

The 30th Anniversary Exhibition features the following artists: Al Souza, Alec Soth, Allison Stewart, Anderson & Low, Clyde Connell, Dale Chihuly, David Bates, David Halliday, Dawn DeDeaux, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Deborah, Kass, Douglas Bourgeois, Edward Whiteman, Elemore Morgan, Jr., Ersy, Gene Koss, George Dureau, Gorst Duplessis, Greg Gorman, Ida Kohlmeyer, Jacqueline Bishop, James Drake, James Surls, Jesus Moroles, Jim Richard, Joel Peter Witkin, John Geldersma, John Scott, John Waters, Lesley Dill, Lin Emery, Linda Ridgway, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Mark Flood, Mary Jane Parker, Matthew Sontheimer, Michael Willmon, Mitchell Gaudet, Nathan Ritterpusch, Nic Nicosia, Nicole Charbonnet, Pard Morrison, Patricia Cronin, Paul Lucas, Radcliffe Bailey, Renee Staul, Richard Jolley, Robert Colescott, Robert Gordy, Robert Polidori, Simon Gunning, Srdjan Loncar, Stephen Paul Day, Stephen Sollins, Ted Kincaid, W. Steve Rucker, Whitfield Lovell, Willie Birch, Francis X. Pavy, John Alexander and Trenton Doyle Hancock. Read More

Elemore Morgan Jr. - Early Barn

Elemore Morgan, Jr.

Working primarily with acrylic on masonite panels Elemore Morgan, Jr. creates gestural paintings which reflect the dramatic skies and vast spaces of the prairies and marshes of South Louisiana and now also the dramatic skyline of New York. Read More

David Halliday - Pansies and Buttons

David Halliday

Working in the traditional genre of still-life photography David Halliday first gained renown for his sepia-toned silver prints. His latest body of color work maintains the same intimate and simple beauty but also creates a more visceral connection for the viewer. Read More

Lin Emery - Curl

Lin Emery

The exhibition will present twelve new Hurricane Katrina influenced kinetic sculptures by the artist and will include her first audio-kinetic installation work. Read More

Pard Morrison - Drowning in Sound

Pard Morrison

The combination of repetitive geometric form and color in Pard Morrison’s work creates an alluring rhythmic harmony of structure and surface. Read More

Radcliffe Bailey - Tricky

Radcliffe Bailey

Bailey’s paintings and sculptures are multi-layered narratives that probe both the history of African-Americans as well as the artist’s own personal experiences and influences. Read More

James Surls - The Power of Nine

James Surls

James Surls' art blends natural forms created of wood, steel and bronze with sophisticated imagery and content. His self-expressive sculptures are both powerful and mysterious Read More

Robert Polidori - 6013 St. Anthony Avenue

Robert Polidori

Polidori's quietly expressive photographs present a candid and intimate look at widespread destruction in New Orleans—an incomprehensible landscape of felled trees, rooms caked with mud, cruelly tumbled furniture and houses washed off foundations. Read More

Luis Cruz Azaceta - At the Bottom of the Pot

Luis Cruz Azaceta

The majority of Luis Cruz Azaceta's work in "Local Anesthesia" is related to Hurricane Katrina, particularly his powerful and compelling photo collages. Read More