Dave Greber - Stilllives, 2011

Dave Greber

Dave Greber’s colorful new work Stilllives is a seamless high definition video loop which features a deconstructed still life which is in a constant state of flux. Stilllives is a 21st century video still life that paradoxically involves movement and yet adheres to the characteristics which define the genre: a conscious arrangement of inanimate objects. But Stilllives hints at the life inherent in all matter and addresses the illusion of “inanimate objects.”

Imaginatively and with subtle humor in Stilllives Dave Greber limits his own control over the objects and gives the subjects in the video a chance to display their own personality and to live visually within the video frame. Depending on the context in which Stilllives is placed the artist feels there are references to the “Drop Art Movement” of the 1960’s, video games, metaphysics, and the industrialization of our food chain.