Dawn DeDeaux - Unseen Installation, 2011

Dawn DeDeaux

In Dawn DeDeaux’s “Unseen,” the works range from sculpture to photographs and expand the considerations of reality and time – in ways transparent, unpredictable, morphed and ephemeral. The exhibition addresses both political and environmental issues through a variety of different mediums.

Among the works featured in the exhibition are Glass Ladders and Burnt Ladders, created in two different media that reference the fragility of governments or systems of knowledge which can spontaneously fall from the ruptures of nature or man, as seen in the situations surrounding Hurricane Katrina and the revolt in Egypt. In Mutants, she has created illuminated mono-cellular sculptures, which float and give evidence of the invisible threat of species contamination. Also featured in the exhibition are Chain Reactions, welded chain sculptures that bare the interconnectedness of the competing systems of industry and government. Several developmental works in the exhibition are part of DeDeaux’s proposed project for Prospect.2.