Dale Chihuly - Mille Fiori XVI

Dale Chihuly

Chihuly’s inspired new Fiori series continues his move in the direction of organic, free flowing forms. Read More

Jesús Moroles

Jesús Moroles works achieve a poetic resonance of material, form and motif. Working exclusively with granite, a stone of great density, hardness and weight, Moroles combines cutting and polishing techniques with the natural presence of the stone to create works of universal stature. Read More

W. Steve Rucker - Think Tank

W. Steve Rucker

W. Steve Rucker’s “Think Tank” is a floor installation comprised of 385 forms, each individually created by hand. Read More

Al Souza

Al Souza's exhibition will include recent assemblages composed of thousands of collaged jigsaw puzzle pieces, which the artist refers to as “paintings.” Read More

Various Artists

Gallery artists Radcliffe Bailey, James Barness, David Bates, Dale Chihuly, Robert Colescott, Clyde Connell, Lesley Dill, Lin Emery, Ted Kincaid and Ida Kohlmeyer each have a featured work in this exhibition. Read More

Willie Birch

Willie Birch explores stereotypes of class, gender and race as experienced in African American culture in his "Earlier Works" exhibition at Arthur Roger Gallery. Read More

Ida Kohlmeyer - Slanted 96-3

Ida Kohlmeyer

Intended to commemorate Ida Kohlmeyer's important place in the history of the Arthur Roger Gallery the exhibit was assembled over a period of two years and consists of virtually all the remaining distinctive grid format paintings and large and small scale boldly painted sculpture by the artist that are still available. Read More