John Scott - Third World Banquet Table

John Scott

Throughout his career John Scott has drawn on New Orleans’ rich culture and musical heritage in creating his innovative and diverse works of art. Much of his artwork solidifies the elusive feel of New Orleans and the historical and spiritual influence of its culture. The jazz and blues musical influences are profoundly evident. Best known for creating vibrantly colored and multi-layered prints and kinetic sculptures, Scott’s work has been referred to as “optical jazz,” evoking the spirit of music and dance in his art. The term Circle Dance refers to the ritual “ring dances” performed in Congo Square by people of African decent during the period of slavery. Circle Dance also alludes to Scott’s own improvisational engagement with a work of art as he participates in three-dimensional object making, as well as the improvised movements of the viewer required to fully experience his art. Scott employs an improvisational technique that he describes as “Spherical Thinking,” which allows him to see relationships between all things, even when the relationship may not be blatantly clear.