Lesley Dill - Hell Hell Hell / Heaven Heaven Heaven: Sister Gertrude Morgan

Lesley Dill

Lesley Dill’s exhibition encounters and is inspired by the life of the late Sister Gertrude Morgan. The entire space is designed as a progressive story vibrating between heaven and hell. Read More

Various Artists

"The Gulf: Works Completed Before the BP Spill" is intended as a poignant meditation on the profoundly endangered beauty of the Gulf of Mexico, its related commercial fishing life, and its bordering habitats as a result of the oil spill caused by the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig explosion. Read More

Gregory Scott - Color Grid

Gregory Scott

Using himself as the model, Scott creates narrative pieces that use illusion and surprise to tackle issues ranging from identity and loneliness to the way the art world has pigeonholed the various mediums in which he works. In his pieces, Scott challenges the definitions of photography, painting and video, expanding its discourse. Read More

John Scott - Foodstore

John Scott

This exhibition features restored work recovered from John Scott's studio after Hurricane Katrina. Read More

Robert Colescott - Summertime

Robert Colescott

Robert Colescott continues to explore contemporary social issues throughout the paintings and drawings in this exhibition. Read More

Mitchell Gaudet - Pliers

Mitchell Gaudet

In his "Trinket" exhibition Mitchell Gaudet pairs found objects and glass castings to decorate and further define the found objects. Read More

Stephen Paul Day - Cabin Boy

Stephen Paul Day

Stephen Paul Day’s latest series "Cabin Land" is comprised of approximately 36 new sculptural works in bronze and porcelain and egg tempera paintings on panels. Read More

Francis X. Pavy - Directions to the Blue Crow with Pin Striping and Flathead

Francis X. Pavy

In Francis Pavy’s paintings his deeply personal, heavily Cajun influenced iconography merges with universal themes through vibrant color and detailed imagery. Read More

W. Steve Rucker - Holding My Own: Brother Jim

W. Steve Rucker

In this exhibition W. Steve Rucker presents two installations. “Storm Song Variations” is Rucker’s response to the impact of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 while "Holding My Own" Rucker presents a conceptual self portrait consisting of over thirty pencil on paper drawings. Read More