Ted Kincaid

Exhibition Dates: November 5 – December 24, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 5th from 6 – 8 pm
Gallery Location: 434 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm
Contact Info: 504.522.1999 www.arthurrogergallery.com

The Arthur Roger Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of photographically based work by respected artist Ted Kincaid from his latest series, Every Doubt That Holds You Here. The gallery will host an opening reception Saturday, November 5th from 6–8 pm.

Ted Kincaid’s work explores the fusion of multiple artistic media, including painting and photography. His digital images embrace qualities and challenge traditions of each, resulting in paintings informed by photography and photography influenced by painting.

In Every Doubt That Holds You Here, Kincaid weaves together a declaration of the sublime order of the earth and sky. He meticulously engineers a believable photographic record out of pure fiction. Transcendent vistas are fabricated from scratch, moons constructed from pits and stains of a concrete floor and melancholy seascapes are punctuated with amorphous icebergs from the artist’s imagination.

“Ted Kincaid is a photographer who has transcended his camera. Now, he is at the forefront of the digital arts movement, a man who works on the frontier between photography and painting. His mesmerizing, at times ethereal images are all computer-generated, pixel by painstaking pixel. To one degree, or another they are all constructions of things that “exist or not…and can be seen or not,” and that often rely on personal memory. His digital creations are meant to challenge the truth-telling function often ascribed to traditional photographs. They ask: which truth, and whose?

One thing Kincaid has not evolved beyond is his love of nature, which has been with him always and which has influenced his images in profound ways. The things of the earth—land, vegetation, water, sky—are the focal point of his creations. As he celebrates these wonders, though, he does so with a gravity born of his awareness of humankind’s disrespect for nature’s fragility: “[my] work for a number of years has tended more and more to focus on a yearning for what we are losing. And that’s the natural world around us.”

– M. M. Adjarian, from the introduction to “Ted Kincaid: The Only Joke God Ever Played On Me”

Ted Kincaid is included in the permanent collections of The Dallas Museum of Fine Art, The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and the Museum of Fine Arts in San Antonio, as well as many other corporate collections.

Books and related materials on Ted Kincaid will be available at the Arthur Roger Gallery. For more information please contact the Arthur Roger Gallery at 504.522.1999 or visit our website at www.arthurrogergallery.com.