Dawn DeDeaux

Dawn DeDeaux was the first artist in Louisiana to heavily utilize electronic technology beginning with the creation of her CB Radio Booth media sculptures and outdoor film projections, Drive Up Movies, on buildings in 1975. She is considered a pioneering artist in synchronized digital multi-screen immersive environments such as The Face of God that premiered at the 1996 Olympics and is a winner of the international Montage 93 competition for work which best-merged art and technology, featuring her multimedia installation Soul Shadows. She also applies new technologies within her 2D digital imaging, for example, her life-size portraits of trees in the series Totems; within her translucent sculpture series Water Markers embedded with the image; and media sculptures where objects serve as receptacles for moving image or sound, for example, her storm culvert soundwork Broken and the 2010 video sculpture One Drop. Her sculptures often incorporate light, found in her Katrina memorial series Steps Home.