Dawn DeDeaux - Elephant Ear #3

Dawn DeDeaux

Dawn DeDeaux is best known for large scale works addressing social issues, but she says of this series, “It is a humble study of the small.” The works in the exhibition are digital studies of objects discarded from households and nature collected on daily walks in her New Orleans neighborhood. Her new digital studies are documents of objects recycled or resurrected–computer manipulated images revealing the intrigue of objects past their prime. Subjects include decaying leaves, crumpled newspapers, broken figurines and toys. DeDeaux dimensionalizes the works by cutting the images into sections and reassembling them into floating grids to mirror both the molecular breakdown of matter and the pixilation of the electronic media she employs.

The portfolio includes groupings of work which document stages of transformation and also mandalas
created from still frames of DeDeaux’s animated films related to this “Afterlife” series. The finalized work will premiere next year as a multimedia installation at the MAC Art Center in Dallas and will include digital images together with digital animations and media sculptures.