Luis Cruz Azaceta - Where is Superman When You Need Him

Luis Cruz Azaceta

The remarkable range of works in “Happy-Deadly in New Orleans” include colorful patterned abstract works, chromogenic prints on wood that transform reality into abstraction as well as expressive figurative paintings. Read More

Allison Stewart

“Crosscurrents,” an exhibition of recent paintings, drawings and monotypes by New Orleans artist Allison Stewart. Read More

Jesús Moroles

Jesús Moroles works achieve a poetic resonance of material, form and motif. Working exclusively with granite, a stone of great density, hardness and weight, Moroles combines cutting and polishing techniques with the natural presence of the stone to create works of universal stature. Read More

James Drake - City of Tells

James Drake

In gambling parlance a “tell” is the subconscious broadcasting of one’s emotional, psychological, and intellectual make-up. James Drake believes all human beings in complex societies reveal “tells.” Read More

W. Steve Rucker - Think Tank

W. Steve Rucker

W. Steve Rucker’s “Think Tank” is a floor installation comprised of 385 forms, each individually created by hand. Read More

Pard Morrison

Morrison is exploring the intersection of mass and levity with his most recent exhibition of work on view at Arthur Roger Gallery in conjunction with White Linen Night. Read More

Ted Kincaid - Front 613

Ted Kincaid

Ted Kincaid is continuing to explore the interpenetration between painting and photography. Read More

Various Artists

An exhibition featuring seven artists working with glass to coincide with the 34th annual Glass Arts Society National Convention. Read More

Lesley Dill - I Heard A Voice #1

Lesley Dill

Lesley Dill's recent constructions possess a new radiant luminosity but are still characterized by the artist's complex interweaving of a wide range of materials, images and text. Read More

Whitfield Lovell - Serenade

Whitfield Lovell

Whitfield Lovell creates delicately orchestrated assemblages that blend surfaces, images and objects and call to memory the African-American experience in the United States. Read More