Michael Willmon-Zulu Cemetery Parade

Michael Willmon

A master of composition, color and brush handling, Michael Willmon expresses his unique apocalyptic vision in his meticulously painted vistas, which are often filled with cavorting skeletal figures and depicted in a compelling monochromatic color palette. Read More

Mary Jane Parker

Mary Jane Parker's "Specimens" exhibition includes sculpture made of bronze, glass, wood and ceramic which reference history, medicine and botany. Read More

Stephen Paul Day - Heroe's Whisper

Stephen Paul Day

"Innocent Act," comprised of approximately 20 sculptural works along with a major painting and a video piece, further extends Stephen Paul Day’s signature style of portraits created in bronze as well as in bronze and crystal. Read More

Dale Chihuly - Mille Fiori XVI

Dale Chihuly

Chihuly’s inspired new Fiori series continues his move in the direction of organic, free flowing forms. Read More

John Waters

“John Waters’ Greatest Hits (1994-2004)” is an exhibition of photographic and sculptural work by the renowned film director, John Waters. Read More

Nicole Charbonnet

Nicole Charbonnet’s intricately layered mixed media paintings are constructed over a period of time and offer the viewer a glimpse into the artist’s process. Read More

Luis Cruz Azaceta - Where is Superman When You Need Him

Luis Cruz Azaceta

The remarkable range of works in “Happy-Deadly in New Orleans” include colorful patterned abstract works, chromogenic prints on wood that transform reality into abstraction as well as expressive figurative paintings. Read More

Allison Stewart

“Crosscurrents,” an exhibition of recent paintings, drawings and monotypes by New Orleans artist Allison Stewart. Read More

James Drake - City of Tells

James Drake

In gambling parlance a “tell” is the subconscious broadcasting of one’s emotional, psychological, and intellectual make-up. James Drake believes all human beings in complex societies reveal “tells.” Read More

Ted Kincaid - Front 613

Ted Kincaid

Ted Kincaid is continuing to explore the interpenetration between painting and photography. Read More