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“Douglas Bourgeois”, New Orleans Times-Picayune

Nine small paintings equal two years’ work for Louisiana artist Douglas Bourgeois-a pace that seems positively speedy when one encounters his meticulously rendered pieces at Arthur Roger Gallery, 432 Julia St. Detailed and delicate as the interiors of watches, these panel paintings are testaments to obsessive craftsmanship and its power to capture the vivid obsessions of our dreams.

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“On Gordy’s Last Works,” New Orleans Art Review

Few artists are willing to expose their souls on the very surface of their work. It takes extraordinary courage. Painter Robert Gordy (1933-1986), in the last years if his life, after a 30-year career ushered chiefly by a beautiful but emotionally harnessed style, had that courage. He also had the skill and intelligence to wield such a personal enterprise into something that would daunt no one, all the while ringing with authenticity. The consequence was a new unfettered posture and a new series of works – mostly portrait heads and mostly monotypes.

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“Traditions”, Gambit Weekly

LAST MONTH, while the Contemporary Arts Center’s “Body Photographic” attempted nobly to survey the range of today’s camera artists working with the figure – the most traditional of subjects – some other galleries took on tradition too, but more generally. And their efforts seemed especially insouciant, as if traditionalism were as much the order of the day as any remnants of the avant-garde. In short, as if the distinction no longer mattered. It was an encouraging sight.

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