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“The Art of Food,” Country Roads Magazine

jacqueline bishop

For the upcoming “Art of Food” dinner, presented by Country Roads and Louisiana Public Broadcasting, we tasked the wildly creative Chef Lopez with interpreting the works of Jacqueline Bishop to create dishes for a four-course menu, to be served on October 22 at the LPB studios.

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“On Being an Artist” Art E-Walk

At the occasion of his latest exhibition at the Arthur Roger Gallery, “R.I.P. Bruce A. Davenport, Jr./Artwork by Dapper Bruce Lafitte”, the artist Dapper Bruce Lafitte gave an interview and offered his latest thoughts about his art, art in general and how he became an artist.

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“Old Masters: You’re not getting older; you’re getting better,” The Advocate

Joan Tanner and Lin Emery prove you only get better with age. After all, Japanese master artist Hokusai was 70 when he began his series of landscape paintings, “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji.” “At 80, I shall have made some progress; at 90, I shall have penetrated even further. At 100, I will have become truly marvelous,” the artist said. The truth of those words is evident in the work of sculptors Tanner and Emery.

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“300 unique New Orleans moments: Renowned painter Ida Kohlmeyer earns master’s from Newcomb in 1950,” The Advocate

Ida Kohlmeyer, “the Grand Dame” of color, is known for her colorful abstract pictographs as well as her sculptures. She studied at Newcomb College and the John McCrady school of art before enrolling in the Hans Hoffman school in Massachusetts, where New Orleans’ artist Fritz Bultman had also attended. Though she had opportunities, Kohlmeyer would not leave New Orleans. She taught at Newcomb College from 1956 to 1964 and it was during this time her work was influenced by Mark Rothko, who was a visiting artist at Tulane University.

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“Dapper Bruce Lafitte at Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans,” Blouin Artinfo

The exhibition titled “R.I.P. Bruce A. Davenport, Jr. | Artwork by Dapper Bruce Lafitte” is on view at Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans. The exhibition features colorful drawings by the artist that focuses on the city of New Orleans. Lafitte’s works include references to the city’s numerous schools, businesses, parks, institutions and its people.

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“From Centerstage – Photographer David Leventi Takes Readers Center Stage in ‘OPERA’,” Opera Wire

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to view some of the world’s most renowned opera houses from center stage? Wonder no longer. New York-based fine arts photographer David Leventi’s 120-page book “OPERA” answers this question in stunning color and detail. The son of architects, he photographed the auditoriums of nearly 50 opera houses in the United States and abroad, shooting from center stage, and using only a wide-angle camera and the lighting from chandeliers and other house lights.

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