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Art by Bourgeois: Douglas Bourgeois

The West Side Journal On June 5th, 2021 the West Baton Rouge Museum will open the Art by Bourgeois: Douglas Bourgeois exhibition. Bourgeois is represented by Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana. Bourgeois’ work expresses popular culture in a vivid manner as evidenced in Queen Latifah’s Party, which will be among the many pieces on display.  A Gonzales… 

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“‘Pride of Place’ at New Orleans Museum of Art,” Blouin Artinfo

arthur roger

“Pride of Place: The Making of Contemporary Art in New Orleans” an exhibition of works is on view at New Orleans Museum of Art. The exhibition is a narrative about space, identity, and a sense of belonging in New Orleans’ contemporary art scene over the course of the last four decades. The selection of works on display showcases renowned art collector and gallery owner Arthur Roger’s entire personal art collection which he has gifted to the Museum.

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“Review: Pride of Place and the art of art collecting,” Gambit

When Arthur Roger launched his gallery in 1978, there were only a handful of others focused on new art. The scene has expanded greatly since then, but Roger has more than kept abreast of the ever-changing art world through the years, as we see in this sprawling new exhibition of works from his personal collection, which he donated recently to the New Orleans Museum of Art.

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“Gallery owner Arthur Roger donates extensive contemporary art collection to NOMA,” The Advocate

[Arthur Roger’s] donation — paintings, sculpture and photography by local and national luminaries of modern art — comprises a new NOMA exhibit, “Pride of Place: The Making of Contemporary Art in New Orleans.” The exhibit opens Friday and runs through Sept. 3. In the exhibit’s 143-page catalog, museum Director Susan M. Taylor describes the gift as “transformational.” It “significantly expands” NOMA’s contemporary art holdings and “reaffirms the museum’s commitment to the work of local New Orleans artists,” she said.

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“Gallery owner Arthur Roger donates his extensive personal art collection to NOMA,” The Times-Picayune

On June 1, Arthur Roger’s personal collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and mixed media pieces will be taken off his walls, packed away and carted over to the New Orleans Museum of Art. He recently donated more than 80 pieces to the museum, including works by national and regional artists such as Luis Cruz Azaceta, Willie Birch, Douglas Bourgeois, Robert Colescott, George Dureau, Robert Gordy, Deborah Kass, Catherine Opie, Robert Polidori, Holton Rower and John Waters, among others.

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“HORROR VACUI: An Interview With Douglas Bourgeois,” The Iron Lattice

In spite of his relative seclusion in rural Louisiana, Douglas Bourgeois never wants for inspiration. On almost every inch of wall space in his simple cottage in St. Amant hangs the artwork of his friends and contemporaries. His art studio, lined with orderly shelves of assorted objets, could double as a curio shop. His curiosity lies at the heart of his creative vitality; the bold colors and elaborate and peculiar details of his paintings indicate a man who is dazzled by the world around him.

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