“NOMA’S newest exhibition features multi-media work from New Orleans artists,” WGNO

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NEW ORLEANS – You don’t need to be an art buff to appreciate the New Orleans Museum of Art’s most recent exhibition: “Pride of Place: The Making of Contemporary Art in New Orleans.”

“It’s a really thrilling chance to get a real glimpse into not just the history into the city’s most dynamic art collections, but also really the history of contemporary art in New Orleans,” says NOMA Curator Katie Pfohl.

There’s literally something for everyone, from traditional paintings to mixed media presentations featuring video and even light technology.

One artist takes inspiration from nature.

“She has basically taken the idea of Spanish moss hanging from live oaks, except that the moss is this beautiful refracted light that’s framed from a video projection opposite from the wall,” says Pfohl.

Pride of Place celebrates art collector and gallery owner Arthur Roger’s personal collection that he gifted to the museum.

It’s an evolving narrative about place, identity and belonging in the Crescent City.

“Even if art is not necessarily your thing, I think there is a lot to engage with in terms of really thinking about the history of New Orleans and all of the kinds of social and political issues our city has faced,” says Pfohl.