Gene Koss

New Orleans sculptor Gene Koss will exhibit his most recent large-scale glass sculpture Coulee Song, which is 40 feet long and weighs over four tons. Read More

Stina Köhnke

Stina Könke reflects on our preoccupation with oral activities in his exhibition at Arthur Roger Gallery. Read More

Maria Porges

Maria Porges' exhibition at Arthur Roger Gallery shows the artist’s affection for words, love of language, and interest in the information hidden inside words. Read More

James Drake

Investigating into the touching form of communication practiced in his El Paso community, James Drake is presenting his "Tongue-Cut Sparrows" exhibition at Arthur Roger Gallery. Read More

W. Steve Rucker

Rucker’s “Hothouse” and “Subverse” are inspired by mass produced flower pots produced by third world laborers. Read More