Ed Whiteman - Sage #2

Edward Whiteman

Drawing on ideas and motifs from the environment and from objects both natural and man-made which are modified by time, weather and use, Ed Whiteman constructs paintings from paper and canvas. Read More

Clyde Connell-Notations C

Clyde Connell

This exhibition will bring together works completed in the last years of Clyde Connell's life together with earlier paintings and sculptures already held in private collections. Read More

John Scott

Arthur Roger Gallery Project at 730 Tchoupitoulas presents a range of works by John Scott. Read More

Dawn Dedeaux - Hurricane Suite in Nine Movements

Dawn DeDeaux

"Pattern: The Order of Chaos" brings together works created by DeDeaux just prior to Katrina which were destroyed and are now recreated together with post-Katrina works. Read More

Ida Kohlmeyer - Composition 92-1

Ida Kohlmeyer

The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures and a special late wall sculpture by the artist. Several of Ida Kohlmeyer’s works in the commemorative exhibition have never been exhibited before. Read More

Various Artists

The Arthur Roger Gallery is pleased to present "New Urban Vistas," an exhibition of contemporary photographs whose ambitious, large scale color photographs focus on urban centers in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Read More

Allison Stewart - Closer #16

Allison Stewart

The Arthur Roger Gallery is pleased to present "Closer," an exhibition of mixed media paintings on canvas and paper by New Orleans artist Allison Stewart. Read More

Douglas Bourgeois - American Address

Douglas Bourgeois

Bourgeois chose "Disparate Situation" as the title for his exhibition because juxtaposition and clashing between elements kept becoming manifest in the collages. Read More

John Waters - Eat Me

John Waters

In “Unwatchable” John Waters reveals that he’s no longer satisfied to sit at home shooting stills from movies he screens on his television monitor. Waters has now gone both high tech and high style to lampoon, beguile and surprise, always with a satirical edge all his own. Read More

Srdjan Loncar

Srdjan Loncar creates a witty yet sophisticated combination of sculpture and photography. His work is concerned with the reproduction of known actual objects that are natural and organic, political, historical, domestic and mundane. A Read More