Joel Morrison

Joel Morrison's spontaneously fabricated sculptures fuse gestural painting and sculpture in his exhibition of recent sculpture at Arthur Roger Gallery. Read More

Christopher Taggart

The exhibition at the Arthur Roger Gallery imparts the range of Christopher Taggart’s agile mind, moving through mathematics, physics and aesthetics. Read More

Douglas Bourgeois

In conjunction with his major 25-year survey exhibition opening at the Contemporary Arts Center on January 11 the Arthur Roger Gallery is announcing an exhibition of recent paintings by nationally acclaimed painter, Douglas Bourgeois. Read More

Jesús Moroles

Jesús Moroles works on both a monumental and small scale in achieving a poetic resonance of material, form and motif. Working exclusively with granite, a stone of great density, hardness and weight, Moroles combines cutting and polishing techniques with the natural presence of the stone to create works of universal stature. The sculptor feels granite is “the core and heart of the universe.” Read More

Mitchell Gaudet

Arthur Roger Gallery will present “Cobalt,” an exhibition of recent glass work by Mitchell Gaudet. Read More

Various Artists

Artists Al Souza, Ida Kohlmeyer, Lesley Dill and Robert Colescott will have their works on display in conjunction with Gene Koss' exhibition of glass featuring "Lake Neshonoc." Read More

Gene Koss

In a breakthrough achievement New Orleans sculptor Gene Koss created “Lake Neshonoc,” a monumental sculpture using cast glass, aluminum and motion. Read More

Giacomo Costa

Arthur Roger Gallery will present an exhibition throughout the gallery of Giacomo Costa’s “Territorio” series of cibacrome prints under plexi and silicone. Read More

Greg Gorman

This exhibition includes photographic work from two of Greg Gorman’s most important series: “Perspectives” and “Just Between Us.” Read More

Robert Colescott - An American Rescued in the Desert by the Mahdi and Emperor Salessi

Robert Colescott

The Robert Colescott paintings in this exhibition were completed in the 1980’s. In this body of work, while continuing to use satire and narrative figuration, Colescott was beginning to move beyond his controversial images of racial stereotypes to the exploration of more universal themes. Read More