Artist Interview

Edward Whiteman | Artist Profile

Edward Whiteman’s artist’s preference to work in paper grew out of a desire, in his words, “to become part of the surface and to give it a personal history before committing myself to an image.” Through his specially developed techniques, he utilizes the flexibility of paper to achieve an effect of the inseparability of image… 

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Douglas Bourgeois | Artists’ Chronicles: 2020

Douglas Bourgeois‘ meticulously rendered work reveals incredible craftsmanship wedded with a masterful ability to express the artist’s vision through obsessive attention to detail. He combines his technical rigor with a far-ranging grasp of the iconography of late 20th and early 21st-century culture. As noted by art historian Isabelle Loring Wallace, Bourgeois “purposefully adopts certain hallmarks… 

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James Drake | Artists’ Chronicles: 2020

James Drake is an internationally acclaimed artist whose work has been honored with inclusion in both the Venice Biennale and the Whitney Biennial. In his artistic career spanning over 40 years, James Drake has explored political, social, and universal themes through the media of sculpture, video, installation, photography, and drawing. Kathryn Kanjo, chief curator at… 

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John Alexander | Artists’ Chronicles: 2020

The Arthur Roger Gallery is checking in with gallery artists. Today’s feature is on John Alexander.  John Alexander, a skilled draftsman, and a sharp-eyed satirist has spent a career rendering the dark side of man, the glorious side of nature, and the destruction of both. He describes his work as a “glimpse of paradise before… 

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Nicole Charbonnet | Artists’ Chronicle: 2020

The Arthur Roger Gallery is checking in with gallery artists. Today’s feature is on Nicole Charbonnet.  Nicole Charbonnet appropriates Americana imagery, as well as compositions from noteworthy international artists, as a way of stimulating a sense of nostalgia while addressing current social and political situations. For Charbonnet, painting serves as a metaphor for the phenomenon… 

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Big Chief Demond Melancon | Artists’ Chronicles 2020

Demond Melancon (b. 1978, New Orleans, LA) is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist and performer with extensive roots in the Black Masking Culture of New Orleans. With a career spanning almost three decades, Melancon is well-known for his meticulous hand-sewn beadwork used to create massive Mardi Gras Indian suits which are composed of intricately beaded patches… 

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Rob Wynne | Artists’ Chronicles 2020

The Arthur Roger Gallery is checking in with artists. Today’s feature is on Rob Wynne.  New York-based Rob Wynne works in a variety of mediums. His poured molten and mirrored glass pieces reflect allow the viewer to examine themselves while taking in the work. The playful quality of the mylar and glitter shimmer on the… 

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Jacqueline Bishop | Artists’ Chronicles: 2020

The Arthur Roger Gallery checks in with artist Jacqueline Bishop to see how she is doing during the COVID isolation.  Jacqueline Bishop’s work focuses on painting psychological and political elements regarding the natural world. Basing her imagery on frequent trips to remote regions in North, South, and Central America including the Amazon rain forest, Jacqueline… 

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Luis Cruz Azaceta Studio Tour

The team at George Adams Gallery visited Luis Cruz Azaceta in his studio in New Orleans, Louisiana for a studio tour. You can see the exhibition of paintings and drawings by Luis Cruz Azaceta at George Adams Gallery here. Read More