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“Glass Sculptor Honored,” Tulane University

by Jessie Morgan, Tulane University Gene Koss artwork is unusual, not only because of its size (large), its weight (eight tons) or even its subject (farm machinery), but also it’s medium-glass. On Jan. 11, 1999, this Newcomb art professors innovative use of glass earned him the New Orleans Museum of Arts Delgado Society’s annual award… 

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“Opening the Shutter”, The Times-Picayune

The exhaustive, 186-piece retrospective of George Dureau’s photography at the Contemporary Arts Center may very well offend you. To begin with, the 69-year-old artist’s principle subject is the nude male, with no detail left unexposed.

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“Parker’s figures float coolly in ‘night sky’ at 1708 Gallery,” Richmond Times-Dispatch

Ascend into the coolly seductive, eerily beautiful night sky of New Orleans artist Mary Jane Parker at the 1708 Gallery.

You may never want to come down to Earth.

Parker painted her site-specific “Skywatching” in her New Orleans studio in oil on four flexible plywood panels. The panels were assembled to form a semicircular floor-to-ceiling cyclorama in 1708’s back gallery.

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“Hot Casting”, by Gene Koss

Over the last 20 years, my work has focused on evoking Midwestern farm life. Working with a mechanical engineer and a project coordinator, I have developed techniques to transform my memories of the mechanized Wisconsin farm of my youth into foundry-based glass sculpture.

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“War and Leaves: Sculpture by Lin Emery”, Gambit Weekly

War and Leaves: Sculpture by Lin Emery by D. Eric Bookhardt, GAMBIT WEEKLY It all started with a spoon. Years ago, a silver spoon poised precariously on the rim of a tea cup began dancing unexpectedly as a thin stream of water cascaded onto its smooth, sleek surfaces from the faucet above. Lin Emery was… 

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“Dale Chihuly at L.A. Louver”, Art in America

Dale Chihuly’s stunning installation of large-scale sculptural works at L.A. Louver showed how simplicity can triumph in the hands of a master. Chihuly amassed hundreds of simple hand-blown units of various organic shapes into protean configurations of breathtaking beauty, mystery and even majesty.

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