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“Sitting In”, New Orleans Art Review

In a similar way Willie Birch has helped introduce the world to the style and culture of the inner city streets. Birch transformed its often anonymous messages into a visual language of individual commentary and expression acceptable to the art gallery world.

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“Just Folks”, Gambit Weekly Inside Art

Figurative art, a style that goes all the way back to the old cave days, seems to be making a comeback. Over the ages, the figure has symbolized everything from ancient Greek gods to R. Crumb’s Mr. Natural and the archetypal Americans now seen in Tom Tomorrow’s cartoons.

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“Willie Birch: Transforming Identities”

The journey began when a precocious child talent was recognized by “my junior high teacher, Mrs. Maxine Daniels, who took her father’s insurance money and created an art school for talented kids at the YMCA.

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