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“Tired of the Killing,” The Times Picayune

In the January 30th, 2009 issue of the Time’s Picayune, Arthur Roger Gallery artist, Willie Birch, was featured in the front page article about the growing apprehension with the increase of violent crimes in New Orleans neighborhoods. Birch’s work, which is rooted in the daily life and celebratory rituals of New Orleans neighborhoods, addresses issues related to the survival and culture of those living in these areas. After recent violent outbursts in his 7th Ward neighborhood, Birch has dedicated much of his art to the documentation of these events in the hope that his work will communicate the need to put an end to this violence.

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“Birch at Home,” New Orleans Art Review

Birch at Home By Terrington Calas, NEW ORLEANS ART REVIEW Willie Birch’s take on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is among the most temperate we have seen-and yet possibly the most affecting. His “Home Sweet Home,” a suite of large-scale acrylic and charcoal drawings (at the Arthur Roger Gallery this fall) presents the tragic images… 

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“In His Element,” Oxford American

Four paintings in a series: A house lies skewed in the middle of an empty Street, its clapboards turned into undulating waves by the chaos of wind and water. A burly guy dressed in pleasure-club regalia offers a raised hand and a big smile, a second-line shout-out seeming to hang over his velvet fedora.

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