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“He spent four decades collecting art, then gave it all away,” Curbed

arthur roger

Arthur Roger likes people who live on the fringes, the areas that orbit dominant society. “It is where I’ve discovered the most, and it’s the place I’ve found most interesting,” he says. The pull of the unconventional led him to purchase an unusual home in New Orleans’s French Quarter and amass a stunning collection of provocative art. And once he’d filled the walls with remarkable pieces, he gave them all away, leaving the white walls empty. This story looks at the moment just before that happened, capturing a snapshot from a lifetime of collecting.

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“Mid-City Art complex sets open-studio day Saturday, Nov. 14,” The Advocate

Mid-City Art Studios continues to provide space for more than 25 artists to explore new processes and turn out fascinating works. Today, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 4436 Toulouse St., the group hosts an open studio event that aims to offer the public a look inside the creative process. Better still, photographs, paintings, pastels, ceramics, multi-media works and more will be for sale.

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“Aquaflora,” featuring Allison Stewart at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

An exhibition consisting of the work of six 21st cenutry artists whose work represents a landscape of layered shadows, water, petals, limbs, vines, floating leaves, and biomorphic shapes that can all be found in nature. The colorful abstracts were created by artists Judy Pfaff and Jasmina Danowski, New York, Carlyle Wolfe, Oxford MS, Suzanna Fields, Virginia, Bassmi Ibrahim, Florida, and Allison Stewart, New Orleans.

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“Pop Cultural Memories and Nature of Nature,” New Orleans Art Review

[T]he paintings of Allison Stewart are the refined expression of the artist’s poetic vision of nature through art. There are three major themes represented in the current exhibition of Stewart’s work at the Arthurs Roger Gallery, each involving the thoughts and feelings of the viewer varying according to the empirical experiences of each as images, ideas, and facts commingle in the experience of the artist’s work: the elegiac idylls of Fading Dreams, the ontological poetics of Wicked Beauty, the symphonic movements of Natural Wonders, and three minor subthemes that comfortably fit within the rubric of Natural Wonders: Bloom, Silent Tide, and Air Borne.

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“‘Southern Abstraction’ is a compelling view of a provocative art form,” Mobile Press Register

Allison Stewart is well known to Mobile art lovers, having shown her work at the Eichold Gallery and Space 301, among other venues. She recently completed work for a large one-person exhibit at Southeastern University of Louisiana in Hammond. The exhibit will be on view during June at the Contemporary Art Gallery on the university campus.“In addition to paintings on canvas, I will have two installations of drawings and large paintings on drafting film,” she says. “I’ve been experimenting with new materials and approaches and am looking forward to seeing the work installed.”

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