New Orleans Artists Talk About Their Work In The “Living With Climate”


Living With Climate Change 2017


Free Event with Jacqueline Bishop, Tina Freeman, and Allison Stewart

SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 2017 1 – 3PM


As oceans rise, land sinks, floods wash in and out, we treasure nature more every day, even as we seek ways to rise above the waters.

St. Bernard Parish, first settled in the 18th century by Spanish settlers from Spain and the Canary Islands, has evolved from an agrarian community with fishing villages and hunting outposts, to embrace the fossil fuel industry, and now, increasingly the creative and technological industries. Artists, oil refinery workers, fishermen, students and other citizens are sitting at the same table to create new strategies for a sustainable quality of life here on the edge of the gulf, or for seeking higher ground.


Jacqueline Bishop sees nature through birds’ eyes, capturing their flight, life in the trees, and a fragile future in a large scale mural, and more intimate views of our avian cousins.


Tina Freeman’s dramatic photography captures the ambitious intervention St. Bernardians have designed to replenish fresh water into marshes burned by increasing levels of salt water. Using recycled water, they are cleaning it through a huge water treatment plant, and allowing it to flow into the surrounding marshes. Tina offers portraits of the plant.


Allison Stewart’s nature-based abstract mixed media paintings evoke the beauty of our region’s bayous, or old river tributaries.


Take a Palm Branch Home
As a symbol of Peace, Rebirth, and Victory
For our environment

Crevasse 22 | River House is located about 25 minutes downriver from the French Quarter, at 8122 Saro Lane in Poydras Louisiana, in one of South Louisiana’s most beautiful natural settings adjacent to the levee of the Mississippi river. Surrounded by majestic live oaks laced with hanging Spanish moss, the site is home to migrating pelicans, egrets, cormorants and numerous other bird species. It is the perfect setting for calling our attention to the beauty and threats of nature. The site of a crevasse in the river in 1922 that flooded the whole parish, it now beckons visitors to see nature through the eyes of artists, and take heed for our future. Thus, this site, and St. Bernard Parish, are harbingers for coastal futures around the globe.

Living with Climate Change is on view now at the River House at 8122 Saro Lane in Poydras, Louisiana. Also on view are the sketches and models for the ModGun designed by artist Robert Tannen with a further permutation in collaboration with architect Frank Gehry. Visits at other times can be scheduled by calling 504.218.4807.

A collection of portraits by regional artists, “Spirit of the People of St. Bernard” is also on view in the River House.

A prototype for Tannen’s Modgun is located in the adjacent sculpture garden, Crevasse 22. Other sculpture works in the garden relate to the risks and beauty of nature.