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by Sylvie Contiguglia for Arte-Walk Following a quiet summer, Arthur Roger Gallery is awakening with a bang. Its latest show Art in the Time of Empathy features seventy artists represented by more than one hundred works of art including paintings, sculptures, photographs and site specific installations. A playful series of shoe-mask from Maxx Sizeler leads to a spacious space lined… 

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LPB Art Rocks! Interview with Jacqueline Bishop

In this episode of LPB Art Rocks!, we meet New Orleans artist Jacqueline Bishop, whose passion for the environment helps feed her creativity. Her paintings have inspired award-winning Chef Phillip Lopez to create a menu for a premiere event, The Art of Food, a dining experience like no other that will be held at the LPB Studios Sunday, October 22.

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“The Art of Food,” Country Roads Magazine

jacqueline bishop

For the upcoming “Art of Food” dinner, presented by Country Roads and Louisiana Public Broadcasting, we tasked the wildly creative Chef Lopez with interpreting the works of Jacqueline Bishop to create dishes for a four-course menu, to be served on October 22 at the LPB studios.

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“Perspectives: Jacqueline Bishop,” Country Roads Magazine

Dozens of pairs of scavenged baby shoes line the shelves in Jacqueline Bishop’s New Orleans studio. Collected by the artist from the streets of cities in America and of third-world countries, each pair of shoes serves as a tiny canvas, upon which the artist has painted exquisite portraits of flora and fauna—orchids, honeyeaters—that have vanished from their native range as the tide of human civilization rolls on.

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“Pride of Place at NOMA,” Art e-Walk

Over the years, Arthur Roger nurtured artists through his art gallery opened in 1978 and in doing so, helped shape and promote the art scene of his native city. Joining the list of benefactors, he recently gifted his sizable art collection accumulated over four decades to the New Orleans Museum of Art. The eighty-seven objects, including paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs, are on display this Summer for the exhibition Pride of Place: The Making of Contemporary Art in New Orleans, curated by Katie Pfohl, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at NOMA.

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“Review: Pride of Place and the art of art collecting,” Gambit

When Arthur Roger launched his gallery in 1978, there were only a handful of others focused on new art. The scene has expanded greatly since then, but Roger has more than kept abreast of the ever-changing art world through the years, as we see in this sprawling new exhibition of works from his personal collection, which he donated recently to the New Orleans Museum of Art.

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