Srdjan Loncar

Srdjan Loncar creates a witty yet sophisticated combination of sculpture and photography. His work is concerned with the reproduction of known actual objects that are natural and organic, political, historical, domestic and mundane. A Read More

Douglas Bourgeois - Untitled (Martha and Vandellas)

Douglas Bourgeois

Baby-Boom Daydreams, organized by the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, features Douglas Bourgeois’s meticulously detailed paintings and sculptural assemblages which present icons of popular culture as well as everyday people from Louisiana's diverse populations. Read More

Various Artists

Arthur Roger Gallery showcases the work of various artists at the 2002 Chicago International Art Fair including David Bates, Willie Birch, Lesley Dill, Lin Emery, Richard Jolley, Jesùs Moroles, Linda Ridgway, Al Souza and John Waters. Read More