Pard Morrison

Chromaccumulations is Pard Morrison’s fourth exhibition with the gallery. The small- to large-scale works presented are instantly recognizable as the artist’s rhythmic fusions of painting and sculpture. The compositions feature a characteristic balance of vibrant color and earth tones, offset as if to specifically promote the other. The works include both wall-mounted and columnar multi-section structures. The surfaces of these simulated, sometimes perplexing geometric configurations are achieved by repeatedly baking on finishes in a process the artist describes as “patination.”

Morrison, inspired by Donald Judd’s rectilinear, minimalist sculptures and Agnes Martin’s ethereal, though also minimalist, grid paintings, continues to explore the nature of truth and perception with his work. He believes that the current anthropomorphisation of technological devices is rapidly causing the replacement of real experience by artificial two-dimensional experience. He strives to create work that, “upon first encounter primarily reads as artificially fabricated, but upon further investigation, the visual strength of its own “objectness” is compromised by specific human mark making.”