Jacqueline Bishop

In this new body of work, Against the Tide, Jacqueline Bishop continues to convey the complexity and fragility of our ecosystem and the psychological connections between species. She describes the new paintings as, “a shift from being inside an unraveling ‘nest world’ to the outside – viewing the planet from a distance, literally presenting the earth as object.” She explores how our natural world is shaped and transformed by climate change, globalization and species extinction and invites us to reflect on the impact to our collective future.

This exhibition is comprised of oil paintings on panel and linen, as well as works on paper. The central themes in Against the Tide are influenced by the artist’s affinity for the bond between human beings and other living systems and by her travel of developing countries, Latin American forests and Louisiana swamps. The artist’s work seeks to create new forms that “emphasize our essential interconnectedness,” as described in the recent essay by Dr. Laura M. Amrhein of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.