Edward Whiteman

The Swinging Pendulum, Edward Whiteman’s twelfth solo exhibition with the gallery, features his renowned large-scale paintings created with mixed media on reconstructed paper. The wall pieces range in size from 4 to 10 feet and include familiar motifs – simple yet powerful linear forms with seductive color inspired by the environment. The artist’s paintings are unequivocally abstract but filled with possible allusions such as in The Nile, a work from the artist’s recent Egypt Series. These works feature subtler lines and more intricate patterns in earthen colors.

The artist’s preference to work in paper grew out of a desire, in his words, “to become part of the surface and to give it a personal history before committing myself to an image.” Through his specially developed techniques he utilizes the flexibility of paper to achieve an effect of inseparability of image and media. The collage process he employs allows for quick changes and immediate discovery in his work. According to Whiteman, the image of the pendulum aptly represents the ever-present movement in his creative process between the unconscious – the genesis of his work – and conscious.