Black Beauty: An Exhibition Celebrating Artists of Color

by: for WGNO

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO) —A new exhibition is on display at the Arthur Roger Gallery at 432 Julia St in New Orleans. The exhibition showcases the beauty in America’s black culture.

Tim Francis is the Exhibition Curator of the new exhibition titled “Black Beauty.” The collection of art is a celebration of prominent and emerging artists of color.

“The uprising across America was a little bit of the inspiration for doing this.  We wanted to be able to show the historical record of where black folks have come from and what they are doing now,” says Tim Francis.

There is much to take in and all of the artwork is certainly beautiful, with deeper meanings behind the paint.

Shoshanna Winberger’s series of paintings in the gallery, “Strange Fruit,” reimagines a painful and historical time in America, in an inviting way on canvas.

New Orleans’ own renowned muralist, Brandan “B-mike” Odums painted a mural and recreated his own Studio Be atmosphere; as a way to portray what inspires his own creative process.

The long list of talent that is on display is remarkable and it includes artists such as, Romare Bearden, David Driskell, Frederick Brown, and Brent Mckeever.

Four gallery rooms highlight a lack of color and diversity across America’s art exhibits.

“Museums have lagged behind in acknowledging black artists.  Hopefully, as auction records are going through the roof with prominent black artists, collectors will be motivated by the profits they can make. Hopefully, collectors will now start paying attention and pay money to black artists,” says Francis.

Most of the paintings in the exhibition have already been purchased and will find new homes in museums across the country.

Tim Francis shares a goal with many of the artists in his exhibition. He hopes to inspire the next generation of artists to continue to create and also to allow visitors to behold something beautiful and black.

“I want their experience to be one that is breathtaking and shocking, to see the scale and beauty.  It’s excellence on a whole other level.  Black artists are important and continue to do extraordinary work,” says Francis.

Black Beauty will be on exhibition at the Arthur Roger Gallery through September 18th. To learn more, click here.