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TEN YEARS GONE at the New Orleans Museum of Art

Timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Ten Years Gone features six contemporary artists who explore the passage of time, memory, loss, and transformation. Opens May 29th, 2015. On view through September 7th, 2015 Read More

“Amer Kobaslija at Arthur Roger Gallery,” Daily Serving

For Kobaslija, the studio is a unique and personal world built of interchangeable stuff: floors, walls, shelves, canvases, paint, paper, chairs, tables, brushes, easels, and lighting fixtures repeat themselves across the series, their positions made mysterious by the absent bodies of the artists working (and sometimes living) inside. The invisible movements and patterned routines of the artists order the placement of these unique assemblages, turning each picture into a leftover document of the “work” of the work of art. Read More

Amer Kobaslija

A comprehensive monograph on the life and work of Amer Kobaslija, 126 fully illustrated pages in hardcover with essays by Michael Amy, Edward M. Gomez, and Patterson Sims. The books examines all of the artist’s different bodies of work, including: his paintings of the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, for which he won a 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship; his ongoing series depicting artist studios; and his recent paintings of Florida’s everglades. Read More

“Review: Lin Emery,” Gambit

Lin Emery’s kinetic sculptures epitomize that kind of timeless and finely tuned consistency. But like the timeless, pristine miracles of the natural world on which they are based, they can be easy to take for granted — unless something changes, as appears to be the case in her current show at Arthur Roger Gallery. Read More