Edward Whiteman

This is Edward Whiteman’s thirteenth solo exhibition with the gallery and features his renowned paintings created with mixed media on reconstructed paper in both large and small-scale. The wall pieces range in size from two to seven feet and include familiar motifs – simple yet powerful linear forms inspired by the environment and found objects. The artist’s paintings are unequivocally abstract but filled with possible allusions of human form such as Balance #2, part of the Balance series. Read More

Art in the Time of Empathy

The Arthur Roger Gallery is pleased to present Art in the Time of Empathy, an exhibition of gallery and invited artists examining the year 2020 as a unique historical moment and a transformative time. Art in the Time of Empathy is the largest exhibition in the gallery’s history, featuring over 70 invited and represented artists. Playing off the iconic title of Gabriel García Márquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera, artists address the many aspects of quarantine, politics, social justice, science, and community in a time where physical distance has redefined these dialogues. A time capsule for our period, Art in the Time of Empathy is an exploration of the human side of this moment, an opportunity for a community to pause and reflect on the many perspectives of a shared experience. Read More