Douglas Bourgeois

Spirit in the Dark takes its name from the 1970 gospel-tinged soul song by Aretha Franklin. Bourgeois describes the Spirit in the Dark as “a spark of hope, an electric connection to infinity and beauty, an infusion of protective grace, a spiritual and creative epiphany.” His long-established inspirations include Deep Soul and Gospel music, primitive rock and roll, vernacular religious imagery, and discarded paper ephemera. These inspirations are apparent in his meticulous figurative paintings featuring subjects in heightened landscapes or interiors, as well as in his collages, which are the foundation of this exhibition. Read More

Stephen Paul Day

The Queen of Mirth represents the mother of all things creative, bearing an interdisciplinary exhibition based on the new romantic notion that art should be entertaining and challenging, and that which is amusing has as much potential to effect change as that which is political. From the viewpoint of two young children - a twin boy and girl - the gallery transforms into a kind of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ surrealism. Read More