CNC Palimpsest Print (August 11, 2014) (detail), 2014. Monoprint, hand-burnished on Fabriano archival paper with oil based ink. 120 x 60 inches.
Random Precision in the Metric of Time

Erwin Redl

Random Precision in the Metric of Time presents a new body of work that reveals unexpected variances through time-based media and processes. Manifestations of rhythmic arrangements are explored using various media, either through movement or layers of materials accumulated over time. Read More

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Crystal Gazers, 2014. Forged metal, cast glass, wire, HD video projection. 35 x 60 x 8 inches.
Circulation of Light

Courtney Egan

Circulation of Light features three distinct projection-based works, which meld technology with nature. Crystal Gazers features groupings of cast glass medallions infused with light from a single channel projection cascading from forged metal branches. Fountain is a wall-mounted collection of cast glass “bottles” with projected water spilling from one to the next. Finally, Sleepwalker is a motion-activated video projection offering the viewer the experience of witnessing the budding and then contraction of a single bloom. Read More

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Dance I: The Gold Moon, 2014Digital drawing on metal panels, Ed. of 380 x 96 ¼ inches
Does Anyone Remember Laughter? Lost Landscapes and Lonely Men

Dawn DeDeaux

This exhibition features selections from Dawn DeDeaux’s MotherShip series. The post-apocalyptic works, filled with nostalgia for a nature lost, collectively consider the conditions and consequences of alienation from the natural world. Read More

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