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“David Bates’ Landscape Of Grief,” Pitch

As the death of the Gulf Coast ecosystem comes gushing blackly from the Macondo Prospect oil field 5,000 feet underwater, Dallas painter David Bates is in Kansas City for the opening of The Katrina Paintings, his exhibition at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

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“David Bates Since 1982: From Everyday To Epic,” The Austin Chronicle

Those who love to be out in nature won’t mind going inside the Austin Museum of Art to see David Bates Since 1982: From the Everyday to the Epic. In large paintings such as The Rookery, we’re encompassed by the cacophony of the bird world. The swampy landscape is devoid of people, glorious and dangerous: A snake eyes a bird in the marshes, the trail of alligators swimming registers.

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