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“Beauties and Beasts”, Gambit Weekly

So you thought you knew Little Red Riding Hood? So did I, at least until I started thinking about it. Then I realized that all the old fairy tales had blended in my mind over time into a gumbo of little girls, wolves, princesses, frogs and dwarves, trailing off into a weird frontier populated by Frankenstein, Godzilla, Dracula, Dick Nixon and SpongeBob.

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“1822”, Contemporary Arts Center

In the fall of 2001, New Orleans artists Stephen Paul Day and Sibylle Peretti were approached about creating a site-specific installation for the fall of 2002, to be exhibited in the Contemporary Arts Center’s First Floor Galleries.

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“Souvenirs”, New Orleans Art Review

To be coarse, today’s souvenirs suck. Nothing you get anymore as a memento from a vacation or of some event is imbued with any significance or feeling. What was the last souvenir you bought that you will keep a lifetime?

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