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Holton Rower: New Orleans Art Review – Winter 2012

Welcome to the witty, whimsical world of Holton Rower’s Love Heals where dynamically asymmetric compositions composed of concentric, cruciform waves of color with sometimes wacky and delightfully zany names as simple as Birthday Apple and Ontological Relief and as enigmatic as Too Many Zippers Till Being Naked Just Plain Saved Time and Ice Packs And Advil Sure Help But Emotional Calm Is A Deeper Remedy with dimensions ranging from a minimum of fifty-eight inches in one dimension by a maximum of one hundred forty-four inches in another and one and one fourth to eleven and one half inches in depth.

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“Beautiful, flow-triumphant Pour Paintings by Holton Rower on show in New York,” It’s Nice That

What is more impressive than one psychedelic spectral pour painting by Holton Rower? 19 of them. New York’s The Hole gallery presents the latest in the artist’s beautifully vivid, process-driven works that reveal the time that made them like the rings of a tree while simultaneously appearing as if a particularly chromatic work of art had melted on its plinth.

“Paint here is truly on parade,” says the gallery of the collected works. Individually they are the product of a high experimentation and pre-meditation; the properties of each cascading colour creating a singular, accumulative path that blends, moves about and pushes, vacillating form and direction and finally settling into autonomous and unexpected beauty.

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“What art does a rich 18-year-old popstar buy?,”

Rower’s method is structured and demanding – paint must be poured at a specific rate lest colours merge too quickly and drying time be compromised – but the results are unexpected and often dramatic. Colour combinations are premeditated, mostly, but inevitable experimentation reveals myriad new colourways, played out in fractious zig zags and waterfalls reminiscent of any number of different things – Rorschach tests, for example, or mitochondria or the colourful surfaces of faraway planets.

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