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“Street preacher inspires artists, rappers, more,”

Did Sister Gertrude’s life really make a real difference? God alone knows, but she has become an unlikely muse to at least a few artists in the secular world in spite of her oddness and the always unpopular message of impending doom barking at her heels. One of the most interesting is artist Lesley Dill and her magnificent installation, first at Arthur Roger Gallery and still circulating: “Hell Hell Hell Heaven Heaven Heaven: Encountering Sister Gertrude Morgan & Revelation” (2010). Dill is well known for her fascination with Emily Dickinson and incorporation of lettering, poetry and literature into feminist and spiritual themes.

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“Lesley Dill: Hell Hell Hell/ Heaven Heaven Heaven,” Gambit Weekly

Lesley Dill: Hell Hell Hell/ Heaven Heaven Heaven by Eric Bookhardt, GAMBIT WEEKLY This was unexpected. Since the 1970s, Lesley Dill has been known for her gossamer sculptural works based on poetry and the body, especially the female form, which she often cobbled out of verses — many from Emily Dickinson — cut from steel,… 

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