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“Christopher Saucedo: Neapolitan,” New Orleans Art Review

For Christopher Saucedo’s exhibition at Arthur Roger, “Neapolitan (Comic Book Diplomacy, Go Cups and Water Bottle Buoys),” a digital print picturing three cups of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla colored drinks serves as the visual metaphor that the title indicates. Saucedo says he made this piece to try to encapsulate the whole three-part show. According to his research, after Italians brought gelato to America, the three most popular flavors were vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. In turn, three distinct bodies of work join in the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.

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“Beyond Borders,” Art e-walk

Neapolitan (Comic Book Diplomacy, Go Cups and Water Bottle Buoys), Christopher Saucedo’s latest exhibition at Arthur Roger Gallery assembles varied works from the sculptor with an emphasis on his Comic Book Diplomacy series.

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