Stephen Paul Day

Stephen Paul Day has chosen to be both creator and curator for Blame It On Vegas – Collecting Meta-Modern, his seventh exhibition with the gallery. Sculpture, neon and paintings make up this collection of new, engaging works that oscillate between humor and horror, history and the present and also between the artist’s vocabulary – color, form, and significance of materials – and his viewpoint – how one engages the viewer to make sense of the vision he is presenting. Grouped together as they would be in a museum, there is an intentional ambiguity as to who made each work. Day describes himself as a “Disney kind of collector, putting together a ‘wunderkammer’ of excellent art, artifacts, and story.”

The title of the exhibition refers to the first postmodernist “bible”, Learning from Las Vegas. Despite being labeled as a postmodernist, Day regards himself instead as a Metamodernist – a reactionary offshoot working between a certain Modernism vocabulary and Postmodernism technique. It is defined as, “a new romanticism with a purpose, stressing engagement, affect and storytelling.”