Rob Wynne

Rob Wynne’s debut exhibition with the gallery features recent poured mirrored glass texts and sculpted glass compositions, as well as earlier framed, embroidered canvases.

The artist has a long-standing fascination with narrative. Utilizing words that resonate – overheard phrases and poetic quotations – he creates works that give a landscape to language. He embraces the imperfection in glass making, resulting in organic letterforms that he selects to construct expressions such as “Always Sometimes” and “Connoisseur of Chaos.” Printed canvases of enlarged details of 18th century Meissen figurines feature enigmatic and anachronistic text embroidered in contrasting colors. The exhibition also features glass bead and thread compositions including a whirling constellation of silvered glass discs based on the spiral images in a Cocteau drawing, “The Vortex of Narcissus.” Wynne explains, “I like a spectacle, I like an environment. I like to feel, when I’m deep into my work and really connected with it, that it’s transportive in some way. It’s not about looking at just one thing. It’s a swirl that takes you somewhere else.”