Lin Emery

This exhibition of new work features pedestal and large-scale kinetic sculptures, as well as a water-activated fountain and theater installation. The elements in Lin Emery’s work continue to be derived from nature and she borrows natural elements – water, wind, magnets – to set them in motion. Besides searching the natural world, she explores history to create theater installations suggested by past worlds. The model for the “Mouth of Hell”, included in this exhibition, is derived from medieval images.

The rhythms in her sculptures are influenced by infinite variables: the point of balance, the normal frequency of each form, and the interruption of the counterpoise. The artist juggles, juxtaposes and adjusts to achieve the dance or pantomime that she wants. Lin Emery feels that ultimately the sculpture takes over and invents an excitement of its own.

Emery says, “Sculpture is living, it’s vital, it’s changeable. Even when you walk around it, it can be something different. Drawing is a reflection and coordinating eye and hand, but sculpture is your mind and an idea.”