Kate Blacklock

Still Life / Nightscape is Kate Blacklock’s first exhibition with the gallery. The artist’s medium-scale works on metal present choreographed tableaus reminiscent of Dutch Vanitas paintings in one series and nightscapes, recalling Japanese screen paintings, in the other. The compositions, which are created using a flatbed scanner as a camera, are captured on dye infused aluminum. They are described by the artist as existing in an ambiguous space, not subject to the laws of gravity. Each of the works conjures an enigmatic moment frozen in time.

Beauty, imperfection and the aging process fascinate the artist. The spirited still life compositions, often framed by bold solid colors, unpredictably group objects such as plastic animal replicas, jewelry, game pieces and food items often past their prime. Like the still lifes, the nightscapes present vibrant, yet obscurely aged floral arrangements. Each, one symbolic and narrative and the other lyrical and illusive, is linked by an awareness of the transience of life.