John Pilson

“Altogether Elsewhere” brings together three projects which, in the artist’s words, “collectively represent my long-term interest in the blurred distinctions between social documentary, experimental narrative and the many ways in which visual art and spontaneous performance are woven in to daily experience.” This second exhibition of John Pilson’s work at the gallery consists of two video installations as well as a selection of photographs.

“Frolic and Detour” is a nine channel video installation originally commissioned by MoMA in conjunction with the series “9 Screens.” It explores everyday transitions and blurred distinctions through the experiences of its protagonist and his environments. “A Thousand Miles Away,” a single channel video installation, presents a series of interconnected portraits filmed in New Orleans in 2008. The work examines the “path between observation, storytelling, performances and labor.” Lastly, the exhibition includes selections from “Interregna,” a book of photographs documenting the artist’s time as a computer graphics operator on the graveyard shift at a 24/7 investment bank at the height of the dot-com bubble.