Dave Greber

Dave Greber believes that the conscious exploration of our own personal cosmic DNA through art unearths all sorts of seemingly unassociated pieces of ideas.  He feels that making new work is an archeology of the sub-conscious—it turns up fragments of broken ceramics and jaw bones, and the scientist receives the gifts the soil has offered and pieces them together to discover a “new dinosaur.”

In creating “Peekaboo” Greber wove together pinball machine graphics, imagery from 1990s action movies and Henri Rousseau’s paintings.  These elements are combined in “Peekaboo” and reveal themselves to the artist in a cohesive allegory: “There is an archetypal lone soldier hunched in the palmettos.  There is lurking violence beyond the horizon, explosions and strife just far enough away as to not do any harm, but close enough to keep him awake all night.  A Tiger deity is lord of this place, somehow responsible for the effervescence in this, otherwise, placid marsh.  The soldier senses impending conflict and is forever alert.“