Dave Greber

Still Brothy, Dave Greber’s second exhibition with the gallery, consists of two video installations Stilllives II: Stilllivin’ and Brothy City (v.2.0). Spontaneity and chance continue to be integral elements of the artist’s creation process. The works communicate formally with the illusion of depth, a prismatic color palette and the “soothing” cadence of a seaside casino.

Stilllives II: Stilllivin’ follows Stilllives, a video interpretation of the Dutch still life. Stilllives II jocosely references abstract-expressionistic gestures on an all-over canvas à la Robert Rauschenberg or Thornton Dial. Objects, paint and (unharmed) pets plunge from above to a glass surface below defying depth and building obscured layers ultimately forming a mobius strip of color and texture.

Brothy City (v.2.0) is an example of Stasseo (stained-glass-video), a technique Greber developed utilizing multiple projections, painting and 3D elements to realize large, installed-video compositions. The imagery in this installation draws from B-movie poster art, pinball machines and other popular graphic aesthetics including product references and advertising. The expectation is that the viewer will form personal connections between the perceived genre/product/advert and past encounters or experiences. Eventually however, one is forced to question these associations and find meaning at face value, as Greber explains, “revealing a soft narrative emanating from the darkness: A person with a melting face is seduced by a melting city.”